DAWN China

DAWN China was incorporated in Hong Kong in July 2010 with the key purpose of our expansion into the Greater China market. Our China office is a wholly owned subsidiary of DAWN Singapore.

In August 2010, in partnership with our Shenzhen counterpart (China Progress Int’l), we established an outpost in Shenzhen to support our operations for Greater China. Subsequently, our Shanghai outpost was established in March 2011 to focus on business development and brand marketing of DAWN China.

Today, DAWN China provides a network of supply chain services within Greater China from warehousing to transportation, from import/export services to 3PL-related services.

Team China

  • Rm. 1006-1008, No. 3101-90, Qianhai Road, Nanshan District, 振业国际商务中心 Shenzhen 518052

  • +86 159 1416 1477